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The first kick-off meeting in the Digital Coach project took place online on December 3 and 4, 2020 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Kröll, with both days of the event being held virtually via Zoom. A total of 24 people took part, including eleven from Germany and two to four people from institutional partners in Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary. In addition to Prof. Martin Kröll, the list of participants also included Kristina Burova-Keßler, Maria Theodossiou, Michelle Strothmann, Jan Dobija, Lea Schlüter, Corinna Pinkawa, Kornelia Freitag, Stefan Leineweber, Christopher Prinz, Dominik Lins, Prof. László Kovács, Dr. Dmitriy Dunaev, Tordai Balázs, Prof. Dr. Panos Stavropoulos, Harry Bikas, Lydia Athanasopoulou, Milena Getzova, Michael Katharakis, Maria Vouidaski, Krisztina Pohli, Eszter Nagy, Athanasios Vourlas.

The representatives of the IAW of the Ruhr University Bochum, the Learning Factory of the Ruhr University Bochum, the BME i4.0 Technology Center Budapest, the LMS Patras, the IHK Gabrovo, the IHK Heraklion, the IHK Pécs and the Consulting Heraklion were present during the kick-off meeting.

The Vice-Rector for Teaching and International Affairs at RUB, Prof. Dr. Kornelia Freitag, officially welcomed the participants with a speech. She emphasized the appreciation and importance of the EU project “Digital Coach” for the research and teaching activities at RUB. This was followed by a round of introductions including a survey of expectations. In an introduction, Prof. Kröll explained the strategic orientation, challenges, objectives, the conceptual basis and the next steps in the project. Dr. Prinz then presented the concept of the Bochum Learning Factory, while Mr. Leinweber presented the ADAPTION maturity model. This was followed by a discussion in small groups on the implementation of the EU “Digital Coach” project.

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