Pilot Implementation in Hungary

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In recent years, the hype around digitalisation and Industry 4.0 has made many small and medium-sized enterprises feel insecure: Do I now need to fully digitise my business? How do I start? What are the right technologies for me? Do I even have the necessary prerequisites and resources?

These are the questions that can be answered by the ADAPTION survey and the related consultancy services provided by the Digital Coach project, supported by the staff of the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the experts participating in the project and the experts of the BME Industry 4.0 Technology Centre.

So far 4 companies have decided to listen to our suggestions. The range of activities is very broad, including office equipment, agro-industry, metalworking and food processing.

The motives and motivations are different, yet the same. All companies have recognized that digitalisation is no longer a gentleman’s trick, no longer a competitive advantage. But the lack of digitalisation is now a serious competitive disadvantage.


How should such a survey be conceived?

It starts with learning about the ADAPTATION criteria. The company selects the 5 to 10 criteria out of the 47 that are of most interest to them, and the survey and interviews are conducted along these criteria. Based on the selected criteria, a questionnaire will be prepared for the company’s staff to fill in in advance. The more the merrier. And we have already arrived at the first face-to-face meeting, when the participants (business representatives, chamber staff, invited experts) will sit down for a chat. During the discussion, we try to get to know the motivations in more depth, to outline the processes, tasks and roles in the business.

During the surveys, we ask a lot of questions and listen a lot, as the aim is to gather as much information as possible (which we keep confidential, of course) to formulate recommendations. In the course of the discussions, the representatives of the participating businesses usually also begin to see the situation and the context more clearly. Sometimes, it turns out that a lot is already in place, just one little thing is missing to make it all work. In other cases, serious goals are set and the way to get there needs to be outlined and broken down into smaller steps, and if necessary, the right technology or service provider proposed.

The survey is available free of charge through the Digital Coach project. It is free of charge, but not for free, as time is needed.

The ADAPTION survey aims to find solutions that are the optimum for a given business based on the interaction of different factors. The survey can be applied to different starting situations. It helps to identify areas for improvement and can be tailored by selecting the right criteria.


We are confident that the recommendations made will help businesses to develop and we will soon be able to report on the successes.

More information:

Eszter Nagy nagy.eszter@pbkik.hu and Krisztina Pohli pohli.krisztina@pbkik.hu


Pilot Implementation in Bulgaria

Europe Direct Gabrovo

26 th of July 2022

The assessment of the degree of digitization in companies from the Gabrovo region has begun

The Digital Coach project, in which the Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a partner, provides for the training of so-called digital coaches and an assessment of the degree of digitization in five companies from the region.

The pilot company in which such an assessment was first made is “AMK drive and control equipment” EOOD Gabrovo. The trained digital trainers – the company’s employees and external ones from the Technical University in Gabrovo, got to know in detail the processes chosen by the company and the way of their implementation. They evaluated the degree of digitization of processes according to the criteria of the ADAPTION method, developed by the Institute for Labor and Legal Sciences at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, which is also the lead partner on the project. Experts from Germany were also involved in the work of the team – Kristina Burova-Kessler, who is also the project coordinator, as well as a digital coach from Germany who has experience with the application of the method in German enterprises.

Prior to the work of the field experts, a large percentage of workers made their assessment according to the same criteria by completing a survey. In this way, they were actively involved in the preparation of the overall final assessment.

The next stage is ahead – selection of measures to increase the degree of digitalization.

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