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Final workshop on the Digital Coach project

In April, the Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a two-day final seminar on the “Digital coach” project, in which the Chamber is a partner for Bulgaria.

The main goal of “Digital coach” is to present a system for evaluating digitization and digitization processes in small and medium-sized enterprises and to support the modernization of businesses with the help of the so-called digital coaches and “learning factories”. Within the project, 10 modules were created for self-training of digital coaches. They can be external experts or internal – part of the team of the respective company that wants to transform its work processes. In Bulgaria, 18 digital trainers have been trained so far from the two target groups – representatives of companies where the pilot implementations are taking place, and of the Technical University in Gabrovo.

The first stage of the digital transformation is related to the assessment of the degree of digitization and digitization of processes in the enterprise. It is performed using the “Adaption” maturity model, in which processes are evaluated on 48 indicators with up to eight different values. Then the degree to which the business wants to reach is noted. Next comes the stage of identifying specific measures and actions.

The workshop presentations and the content of the digital coach training modules can be found at:



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