IO10 Development of new business models against the backdrop of digitalisation

IO 10 was developed by the Chair of Production Systems and evaluated by project partners. In this module, participants learn the basics of business models against the background of digitalization. The module focuses on business model development and the discussion of what constitutes a successful business model. After completing the module, participants will be able to interpret business models, develop their own models and describe the influence of digitalization on them. They are also able to plan and implement steps for the successful implementation of business models in times of digitization. The module development also incorporated the experiences of SMEs with regard to digital transformation in business models. A bachelor’s thesis was prepared for this purpose. The insights gained were used to create exercises and improve the content design of the self-learning module.

IO10_Development of new business models _DE

IO10_Development of new business models _EN

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IO10a Learning video on business models

The learning video covers the basics of business models and explains the key features of a business model. Different forms and variants of business models are presented and illustrated using practical examples. It also shows how digital transformation affects business models. The video provides a basis for prospective DC who would like to find out more about the topic of business models in the context of digital transformation as part of a training course and to accompany the self-study module.

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