IO11 Corporate cooperation for the implementation of digital solutions

IO 11 was developed by IAW and evaluated by the project partners. The module deals with the importance of business collaborations in the implementation of digitization. There are four phases in the establishment: initiation, partner search, constitution and management. In the initiation phase, the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation are evaluated. In the partner search phase, challenges are discussed via potential partners. In the constitution phase, expectations, cooperation agreements and the type of cooperation are clarified. The management phase aims to ensure efficient service provision and coordination. In doing so, companies should strive for an equal partnership that promotes an open exchange of information and protects confidential information. The module also covers cooperation with learning factories and chambers and discusses its relevance and the tasks of the digital coach in this context.

IO 11 – Unternehmenskooperation zur Umsetzung digitaler Lösungen_EN

IO11 – Unternehmenskooperation zur Umsetzung digitaler Lösungen_DE

IO11a Learning videos on corporate cooperation

The video is designed for potential DCs who are driving the digital transformation in their company and would like to learn more about the topic of corporate cooperation in the context of digital transformation. The video for the self-learning module “Corporate cooperation for the implementation of digital solutions” consists of five main parts: Relevance of corporate cooperation, phases of corporate cooperation, explanation of a network contract, evaluation process and structuring the cooperation between the learning factory and the CCI. In this context, the goals of the respective cooperation are worked out and the tasks that the DC can take on are presented.

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