IO 3 – Challenges of Industry 4.0 for young entrepreneurs

IO3 addresses the challenges of Industrie 4.0 for young entrepreneurs. It is aimed at multipliers such as trainers, managing directors of SMEs with a training function, vocational school teachers, representatives of chambers of industry and commerce, and business development experts. The aim is to further develop competencies in the field of digitization and to create new learning and service opportunities in organizations. The module aims to show young entrepreneurs how they can prepare for and actively shape the major changes brought about by Industry 4.0. Participants will become familiar with the key developments of Industry 4.0 and learn how these developments affect jobs, organizations, and economic systems in different industries. They will acquire the ability to work out how competencies regarding shaping the digital transformation can be promoted through suitable training and continuing education measures.

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IO03_Challenges_of_Industry_4.0_for_young_entrepreneurs _HU




IO3.a Video – Challenges of Industry 4.0

The video briefly introduces the self-study module and provides important information about the objectives, structure and content of the self-study module.

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