Intellectual Output 6 Possibilities and limits of learning transfer

IO6, which was developed by IAW deals with definitions of learning transfer, factors influencing learning success, and the Learning Transfer System Inventory. The module shows how the transfer gap can be closed and how knowledge can be transferred efficiently. It is based on modern pedagogical and psychological findings and enables participants to develop an improved learning concept. Implementation in companies, work-oriented personnel development and the measurement of learning success are also part of the module. Participants learn to design teaching measures that are transfer-oriented and close to the workplace, can explain the possibilities and limits of learning transfer, develop measures to promote successful learning transfer, and measure and interpret it. The module imparts knowledge about extreme forms of corporate learning cultures and the importance of the human resources department. It also deals with cooperation between learning locations.

IO6 SLM Learning transfer (DE)

IO6 SLM Learning transfer (EN)

IO6a – Learning video Intellectual Output 6 Possibilities and limits of learning transfer and learning location cooperation

The learning video serves as an introduction to the topic of learning transfer and the design of learning transfer-promoting educational programs against the backdrop of digital transformation. The learner is informed about the problems of learning transfer in the context of digital transformation. The importance of learning transfer and possible potential and resistance are briefly explained. The video is well suited as introductory information for potential DCs who would like to find out more about the topic of learning transfer in the context of digital transformation in practice as part of a training course and together with the self-study module.

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