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Digital transformation is part of our everyday lives. If we are already using it regularly and slowly in our personal lives, why not exploit its potential for our businesses?

Under the Erasmus+ programme, the Digital Coach project is developing solutions to help businesses and organisations develop the skills and strategies needed to go digital. The aim is to create a job profile of a “Digital Coach”, who can be either an internal employee of the company or an external expert. This will be achieved through a training programme for digital coaches. In the future, the digital coach could support enterprises in developing and implementing digital business models.

At the beginning of February, two of the Chamber’s staff attended an internal training session on the project, where, in addition to the first experiences, the preparation of the action plan was also discussed. The staff of the BME Ipar4.0 Technology Centre, which is also involved in the project, presented their own methodology.

We would like to pass on this knowledge and know-how to as many companies as possible during a two-day training session on the21st and 22nd of March 2022.

If you are interested in a tried and tested German methodology,

if you’re interested in a methodology developed by BME,

if your own business is about to go digital or is already in the process of doing so,

if you can imagine being an external expert to help your business make the digital transition,

then this training is for you!

One day of the two-day training will be spent at the BME Ipar4.0 Technology Centre, the other day in Pécs.

The training will include the evaluation methodology ADAPTION of the University of Bochum. It is a 9-step methodology to assess the current situation of the company and to jointly set goals to be achieved. The methodology will show strengths and further development needs in terms of digital competences of companies. Its specificity is that it focuses on 3 dimensions, looking at the organisational and people dimensions in addition to the technology, addressing the interrelationships between the three dimensions.

The project will also produce stand-alone learning modules to further support the work of future digital coaches on the following topics:

  • Quality management as the basis for the digitalisation of companies
  • Corporate strategy for digital transformation and agile project management
  • Opportunities and constraints of learning delivery and collaboration at the learning site
  • The starting point for digitalisation: value-added processes
  • Strategies to ensure corporate adoption of digital solutions
  • Constraints and opportunities for participation in the implementation of digital solutions
  • Developing new business models with digitalisation and business collaboration as a backdrop


More information on PBKIK.HU and:

Eszter Nagy – nagy.eszter@pbkik.hu

Krisztina Pohli – pohli.kr


Local Training Bulgaria

Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

April 15, 2022

Training of digital coaches under the Digital Coach project

Lecturers from the Technical University and representatives of companies from Gabrovo participated in the training for digital coaches on April 13 and 14, 2022.

They had to get to know and learn to apply in practice the ADAPTION maturity model, which is aimed at assessing the state of companies from the point of view of digitalization. Along with the assessment, the digital coaches will support companies to identify measures to achieve a higher degree of digitalization in their chosen processes or departments.

The participants also had the opportunity to learn about the work of the training factories at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany and the Technical University of Patras, Greece. The two countries have different approaches to the organization of learning factories, but the goal is the same – bringing the learning process closer to the real environment. In the Digital Coach project, the training factories will be able to try out in practice some of the proposed solutions for digitization of production.

The next stage is conducting audits in five pilot enterprises in the district.

The training was opened by the Rector of the Technical University in Gabrovo, who shared the university’s plans to create a training factory in Gabrovo as well.

Further cooperation was agreed between the universities of Gabrovo and Bochum to support the implementation of this initiative.

The training was conducted by experts from the leading organization – the Institute for Labor and Legal Sciences at the Ruhr University, who participated online, and the project coordinator – Kristina Burova-Kessler led the training on site.

The event was organized by the Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is a project partner.

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