The intense debate on Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 in recent years has been a source of concern for many small and medium-sized enterprises: Should I fully digitise my business now? What should I start with? What are the right technologies for me? Do I even have the necessary requirements and resources? In this context, policy makers, professional associations and research institutes, among others, have developed various maturity models to help businesses to somehow “light up the darkness” of digital transformation.

The ADAPTION Digital Maturity Model, is based on a socio-technical approach, which emphasises the interdependence of its three dimensions: Technology, Organization and Personnel (T-O-P). If one dimension, e.g. technology, changes, it usually means that changes are required in the other two dimensions. The socio-technical approach ensures that the transformation process is considered in its entirety.

As part of the implementation of the Model, Digital Coaches will support a small selection of companies in developing and implementing digital business models in respective workshops. In doing so, they will in particular leverage cross-client and cross-sector approaches to enable new business opportunities and spread agile process thinking with the involvement of all process stakeholders. The central objective is to promote the acceptance of digital transformation strategies in the context of Industry 4.0. In this respect, Digital Coaches use – with cedar for businesses – their knowledge of value creation networks and their changes through digital transformation.

You receive a free consultancy service. Implementation costs are covered by the project budget.

Present your business in a more attractive way than before, through an explicit commitment to digital transformation.

Benefit from your business being mentioned in project-related publications and media coverage.

You benefit from indirect cost savings through the effective extraction of further training actions for your staff that are tailored to the specific needs of the scope of work.

Participation in the project offers many advantages for your business. The solution strategies are tailored to your business, your wishes and your priorities. With the experience of participating, you can rethink your innovation management and make it more effective and efficient in the future. The costs are borne by the EU as part of the implementation of the Digital Coach project. It is therefore a free consultancy service for you. Moreover, the implementation of ADAPTION can enhance in the long term the innovation capacity and digital transformation of your business, so that existing or new opportunities for turnover growth can be improved or developed. A prerequisite for a beneficial implementation of the ADAPTION model is a willingness to have an open exchange of views in a fertile dialogue context.

In the future, Digital Coaches will support companies in developing and implementing digital business models. To this end, they will make particular use of cross-client and cross-sectoral approaches to enable new opportunities for businesses and to spread the concept of agile processes involving all stakeholders.